“The camera is used with great wit and confidence, allowing the story and characters to unfold with elegant pace and to capture the beauty of an intimate world.” – Royal Television Society

“A Wee Night In is a poetic and picturesque portrait of love by Stuart Edwards which captures a space threaded with time and emotions, in a very emphatic and funny way, with amazing cinematography which turns it into a touching documentary film.” – Student International Film Festival

Chrissy was a sickly child, so no one expected her to live to a ripe old age. Nevertheless, this Scottish woman is now 95, frail but full of life. From her house in a village near Glasgow, she engages in activities that keep her active and involved with life. Today, Chrissy’s 91-year-old boyfriend Bill is coming over for a nice evening that will pass by according to the slow rhythm of age. They rub shoulders in her cozy little kitchen, enjoy a big meal, watch TV and chat like it’s going out of fashion. These two chatterboxes are – in Chrissy’s own words – “well matched.” Music from their youth is usually playing in the background. This relatively new couple have fun bickering together; old age and the approaching end magnify life’s little pleasures, lending them almost a miraculous sheen. Chrissy talks in voice-over about how they met and proudly says that she has never been one to rush into romantic entanglements. Bill spent two years calling her, asking if she would like to go out with him. She always liked to take her time, and still does. This is an intimate, heartwarming portrait of love in old age, full of recognisable, comedic moments.

Festival Screenings:

International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2014 – WORLD PREMIERE
Glasgow Short Film Festival 2015 – SCOTTISH PREMIERE
Ukraine: International Documentary Festival 2015 – Kiev, Ukraine
Short Waves Festival 2015 – Poznań, Poland
Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer 2015
CNEX Documentary Film Festival 2015 – Taipei, Taiwan
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015
XpoNorth 2015 – Inverness, Scotland
Deep Fried Film Festival 2015 – Glasgow, Scotland
Doc Sunback Film Festival 2015 – Mulvane, Kansas
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015 – York, England
South Texas Underground Film Festival 2015 – Corpus Christi, Texas
Student International Film Festival 2015 – Rijeka, Croatia
Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2015
Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival 2015 – Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Vox Feminae Film Festival 2015 – Zagreb, Croatia
Inverness Film Festival 2015 – Inverness, Scotland

Awards / Nominations

W I N N E R – Royal Television Society Student Awards 2015 – Craft Skills – Best Camerawork

W I N N E R – Ickle Film Festival Judges Award 2015

N O M I N A T E D – Royal Television Society Student Awards 2015 – Best Postgraduate Factual

N O M I N A T E D – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Competition For Best Student Documentary 2014

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