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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts the two most populous states in the United States, California and Texas. Oh yes, the trash talking has already begun.

Here is the @World According To Briggs video:

A special shout out to @Corporis, a California native, and Sam, a Texas native from the channel Until Now, for looking over the script.

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California and Texas

The Golden State and The Lone Star State, and there are important reasons why the two have those nicknames. More on that later.

Anyway, the two big ones. Sure, Alaska is quite a bit bigger than both of them in terms of actual size, but both have a higher population than any other state in these United States. California has the highest population, and has around 10 million more people than Texas. (C- 39.9 million, T- 29.9 million)

Still, Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the country.
And more folks are moving to the two than most other states. The channel The World According to Briggs has just released a video going over how and why so many have moved to California and Texas. Be sure to check it out when you’re done watching this one.
While many Texans have moved to California in recent years, more Californians have moved to Texas than any other state. And while you could fit more than two Texases into Alaska, you can almost fit two Californias into Texas. How big is Texas? El Paso, Texas is closer to San Diego, California, than it is to Houston, Texas.. How big is Texas? There’s a ranch there bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Ok, I’ll stop the how big is Texas stuff.

Being the two states with the most people and the two biggest economies, both heavily influence the rest of the country, and I’ve noticed the trash talking between the two has only gotten worse recently. However, based on my research, it seems to be mostly Texans talking trash on all those Californians moving to their beloved state. Yeah, even the Texas governor has been in on the trash talking.

But perhaps Texas has more in common with California than most would assume.

First of all, both are so big they are hard to stereotype, even though I’d argue the two are more stereotyped than any other states. East Texas has more in common with Louisiana than El Paso, and El Paso arguably has more in common with New Mexico than East Texas, but then go up to the upper Panhandle and it feels like Kansas. Even the four biggest metro areas in Texas- Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, seem radically different from one another. And California, first of all the major coastal cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, are dramatically different from any other part of the state, especially Northern California and the Central Valley.
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