Check out 8th Grade Phenom PG Marley Sims from Corpus Christi, Texas. Marley is a coaches daughter so that explains your heady game as a floor general. Father Quincy Sims is a coach in Corpus Christi and he know the importance of getting his players ready for HS basketball. On any given weekend you will see the 14U Marley playing 8th, JV, and Varsity Girls divisions. These highlights are in the Lavender High School Division playing against 16-18 year old players with Varsity experience. Lightning quick speed and an instict for getting her players the ball in the ideal scoring postion along with unlimited range and a slashing ability to get to the basket….Marley will step in as a freshman and hold her own in the Corpus High School scene next year with her dad at West Oso HS. Look for Marley to break many city records in the four years to come.

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