After a great drive with many stops we finally made it to our final destination. Everyone was ready to call it a day and started unpacking. The sunset was too pretty to miss so I grabbed my gear and drove down to the beach. This fly was just what I needed to unwind and go to vacation mode.
This is flight #5 for the day and sadly the last flight of my drone that I was able to download from my memory card. The very next day I lost my Phantom 4. I will make a short video to showing you guys what happen.
I was still able to film more drone footage thanks to my old Phantom 3. I recovered most of the footage from the crashed drone. However the video quality is pretty bad. I will share them anyways soon on this playlist.

Gear: DJi Phantom 4, Panasonic Lumix dmc fz1000
Music: Nyte- Chasing dreams
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