Synopsis: Five young men who have grown up in south Texas surfing and fishing plan to explore an uninhabited barrier island right in their own backyard. Riding fat tire beach cruisers and frankenbikes, the crew loads up bicycle trailers in hopes to finding undiscovered surf breaks and good fishing. A trip several months in the planning finally takes fruition as the group rides along pristine beaches that remain unmolested from urban sprawl and the tourism industry.

About the Director: Tyson is a high school spanish teacher in Corpus Christi who has dreams of one day touring the entire Pacific coastline by bicycle. The small excursion which takes place in this short film will serve as a stepping stone to much larger expeditions by bike. Having studied film and non-linear editing in college Tyson plans on using his meager earnings as a teacher and his summers off to continue these types of surf/fishing/exploration documentaries.

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