STUF 2010 Horror Film Challenge
a look back at the South Texas Underground Film Horror Challenge which took place in Corpus Christi, Texas December 12, 2010. A great glimpse into a growing film culture in Corpus Christ, Texas.
It was at STUDIO 111, 505 S. Water Street at 2pm.
It was South Texas Underground Film’s first challenge and screening. The screening featured local filmmakers, national and international filmmakers. It was the first seed planted which would later grow into STUFF (South Texas Underground Film Festival).

filmed by: Josh Deleon
filmmakers featured: Paul Gonzales, Travis Trevino, Brooke Trevino, Roel Guevera, Sal Hernandez, Brian Cobos, Edward Espino, Ben Montes II, Chad Carron, Josh Deleon, Mariella Perez and Robert Perez.

Films shown that evening:
Shivering Inside – Rodrigo Cipriano
The Visitor – Stephen Belyeu
Open Til Midnite – Edward Espino
Dia De Los Muertos (teaser) – Grim Productions
Occupied – Grim Productions
Return to Sender – Jacob Grim
Meat Book – RG Films
Roller Renegades – RG Films
Attackazoids – Robot Hand
Attackazoids Deploy – Robot Hand
Martian Precursor – Robot Hand
Home Cooking – Trojan Antidote Productions
Orion’s Night – Trojan Antidote Productions
The Morning After – Trojan Antidote Productions
Penance – Ben Montes II
Burning Bridges – Paul Gonzales
Dirty Inc (Dirty) – DJ Devereux

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