This film was written, filmed, compiled, and edited in 7 days as part of the Corpus Christi 7-day Film contest, hosted by the Corpus Christi Film Society. The contest consisted of over 34 teams from the Corpus Christi area, each that submitted their own film. This specific film tied with more than 1 other film for second place chosen by the panel of judges. This film also won awards for best costuming & best use of essential character (Beth).

Each film had to last 4-8 minutes with up to 1 minute of credits. Each team was also given 3 essential elements that they had to integrate somehow into the film.

They are as follows:
1. Each film must use a tortilla as a prop.
2. Each film must contain the following line of dialogue: “Well you can go to _____ and _____ for all I care!”
3. Must include the character: “Beth, someone who has clearly undergone a recent tragedy.”

Thanks for watching, and be sure to watch out for the extended version, which we will get around to editing sometime in the near future.

(Another interesting side note is that we were the youngest team to participate in the contest.)

More info on Those Who Know The Grave – 7 day short film

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