This is a high school project from Miss Whitmires class of 1977 W. B Ray high school, Corpus Christi, Texas. I do not remember the names of the cameraman, but believe the big UFO guy is John Rodriguez. The girl who gets ‘abducted’ is Betty Ratzesch. That is my brothers Tommy Stakes Pontiac Firebird 400 near end of film. I thought my 70 AMC Javelin appeared in this short but didn’t see it. I have owned almost 400 AMCs since that first car & still drive them, you can visit my site at

The UFO bit was my idea as I used to collect UFO books. I do not remember the actual class name Miss Whitmire taught but believe it to be Social Studies. She was a challenging teacher and one my favorites of which all of them were great until I got kicked out (expelled!) of Ray with 3 months to go for skipping class. So Mister Funk was a assistant principal was uh, not one of my favorites. But Padre Island was only 10 minutes away and I spent a lot of time there in senior year. And was A & B HONOR ROLL student despite missing classes to go to Padre.

God Bless all the teachers and faculty at W. B. Ray High School

If anyone can ID the big UFO guy here and the film is grainy and tired (it’s on dvd now, it was 8mm film at time) feel free to contact me. Go Texans. There is no sound. That was my Frisbee thrown in film. Dog kept jumping in water at North Beach. I am the skinny fellow with antennas in head, John, other UFO guy. Several of us were stoned, but got out of about 2 hours of classes. Filmed between Emerald Beach & Cole Park on Shoreline at Ocean Drive, then scenes switch to ‘alien world’ back bay of North Beach tidal flats over harbor bridge. No one got anal probe.

More info on W B Ray Corpus Christi 1977 UFO abduction Eddie Stakes

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