This was the Trump MAGA rally at the Selena memorial in Corpus Christi. I have about 3 hours of livestream before this and another chunk of live after. The video starts as most of the trump rally have left and there are about 10 trump supporters vs 30 antifa. Both groups were heavily armed with long guns, but everyone open carry on both sides stayed polite.

This group of youngsters decided to play “let’s start a fight” for about 20 minutes before they finally threw a punch. The girl with the loudest mouth also pulled out her mace and threatened everyone with it. A 3rd started throwing water on the few trumpers remaining.

When the group of malcontents started to leave, they freaked out that I would ID their car.

Livestream of the rally

Livestream after incident

1st and 2nd amendment audits, cop watch, and open carry.

Pick up an olight if you want here:

More info on Antifa throws the first punch. Corpus Christi Trump rally at Selena Memorial.

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