Students at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi will have a new way to get around campus with the unveiling of the new autonomous shuttle.
Tuesday marked the first day of the spring semester and also the first day the shuttle will go on its route.
The autonomous bus has capacity for 12 people with six seats and room to stand and hold. One ambassador will also be on the bus with students.
Students on campus seemed excited to have the new method of getting around campus.
“Definitely because parking is an issue and especially walking from one side to the other side it’s a lot of people just going there. You have this time limit to get to class. It’s a long time, so you can get late from walking from campus all the way, but it’s a faster way to get there,” student Ginger Lingo said.
The shuttle is equipped with safety devices like cameras and is wheelchair accessible. The shuttle will have seven stops in total and take students to and from campus, all the way from student housing.
Officials will monitor the self-driving shuttle at all times as it learns its route, it will get smarter the more it runs.

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