First Time Saltwater Fishing at Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi, Texas

A friend invited me to a 2-day trip out to Corpus Christi. I had never been saltwater fishing and was pretty excited to go. This is the first part of this series.

From my research, Bob Hall is a pretty well known place in Corpus Christi for being able to get on a variety of different fish. Everything from Sand Trout to Shark. We targeted primarily Speckled trout and redfish.

I started out using some cut squid to see if anything large would bite, but kept on catching these small perch like fish. Cool looking fish, but I got bored after a while…

I switched up to using some chopped mullet and attached it to a tandem rig. The rod and reel I used surpassingly held up well, it was a Shimano Sedona with a cheap academy rod and 10lb test monofilament.

I was able to hook into a nice redfish measuring 26 inches! We later ventured off to the T-head of the pier as there was some commotion going on, where we learned that an angler was needing some assistance lifting their shark catch on to the pier. Crazy (and sad) thing about this catch, was that it had a big chunk missing from where another shark came and bit it.

Next video will be going deep-sea fishing, chasing after another bucket list fish!

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