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More info on The College Admissions Scandal. Like the law it’s different with MONEY!Going live tonight.

  • College Admissions Scam, Operation Varsity Blues: Part Three

    The thing is, these kids would probably have been perfectly fine getting into some state school or private no-name liberal arts school, but their entitled parents can't stand that they paid for the best K-12 education money can buy and their mediocre kids couldn't get into the top 5 name brand schools as everyone else.

  • EastSouthWestNorth: The Urumqi Mass Incident - Part 3

    The Urumqi Mass Incident - Part 3 (AP via The Australian) Uighurs ignore mosque ban in riot-torn Urumchi.July 11, 2009. BOISTEROUS crowds turned up at mosques in riot-hit Urumqi yesterday, despite orders that Friday prayers be cancelled in the wake of ethnic violence that has killed at least 156 people.

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