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I am a motivational, educational, and entertaining speaker. I work with associations and organizations around the world to create momentum with their teams. Whether you are needing a program on how to connect at a more authentic level with each other, or a program on how to influence future prospects to be raving fan customers, or a program on how to be a transformational leader, I am here to inspire. I have delivered more than 250 keynote addresses, trained over 200,000 leaders, written 15 books, and worked with CEO’s to inspire greatness in their teams. I am ready to help you as well!

More info on Big Event 2019 Jody Holland, KEYNOTE ADDRESS – Corpus Christi Texas

  • Lester Holt Dives Into Harvey Flood Coverage for NBC News

    Holt has been in and around flood-ravaged parts of Texas since Friday night, holding forth from places like Corpus Christi and Rockport ... from the set during a big story.” ...

  • Can ‘Wonder Woman’ Save the Summer Box Office?

    The Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Austin, Texas made headlines for planning a “No Guys Allowed” screening of the movie, which sparked backlash, then backlash to the backlash, ad infinitum.

  • Public Safety is Job #1

    I think we need to acknowledge that macrotrends played a big role in this ... The current one came from Corpus Christi, TX. I’m not saying Troy Riggs is no good, merely that this is a huge ...

  • Stix Nix Crix Pix!

    to call the Corpus Christi paper ... (What if you see a "trend" that "there's no more fat to cut at big media firms"?) Isn't Rattner's promise of semi-porous purity the sort of claim ...

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