It wasn’t just the CC Bay, the beach, the dark neighbourhood, or the city’s Bayfront that changed me, it was the environment itself, from the Piney Woods to the Gulf Coast that made me open my eyes and say “Why would you treat your real friends like jerks and think the fake ones are good, and why argue the point to your classmates in your American Government who were basically your teammates along the way?!!!” So Corpus Christi gave me a reality check and defeated my dark past and gave me the contingency to lighten up and apologize to my friends for all of my hectic and horrific behaviour, the dark hood showed me my future if I was to keep acting the way I was, the sand reminded me of my life, nice but major bumps in the road that needed paved in, the water in the bay cleansed me of my dark ways like the feeling of being baptized, the USS Lexington reminded me that I’m strong inside like a soldier, and that I shouldn’t be afraid to defend myself of any altercation or predicament. The Palm Trees reminded me that I got friends in school, and relaxed my body of my anxiety problems from being severely bullied of the poor excuse of a “school” that I signed myself out of. And the Corpus Christi, TX skyline reminded me that my friends are like brothers and sisters, teammates, etc etc. So I thank myself for forcing myself this change, and really having the city changing and
transforming me into the person I am today!!!



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I appreciate y’all tuning in and hearing my story!

More info on How Corpus Christi, Texas SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!

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