On Saturday, April 6th, at 11:01 AM CDT, the Storm Prediction Center issued a statement considering the issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for most of South Texas due to a developing squall line heading eastward out of northern Coahuila. Right before midnight, the SPC made it official and issued a Severe Thunderstorm Watch spanning across most of South Texas, including most of the southern Coastal Bend. Shortly after midnight into April 7th, a slight risk was issued by the Storm Prediction Center spanning almost the entirety Coastal Bend; from Kleberg/Nueces County to Orange County in far East Texas, to as far northeast as Bowie & Cass Counties. After monitoring this development on radar, radio, social media, and weather models, I head out at 5:30 AM to the Bayside Parking Garage at TAMUCC, go up to the second level, and set up my gear, waiting for the squall line to arrive. Around 2 hours later, at around 7:40 AM, the squall line was finally at the doorstep of Nueces County, with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning being issued at 8:15 AM from Refugio, TX to Southern Corpus Chrsiti, including TAMUCC & the Naval Air Station for 60 mph wind gusts and penny-sized hail. The effects of the squall line were soon felt when strong westerly winds nearly blew over my camera gear onto the hard pavement of the parking garage, catching it in the nick of time! Shortly after came a strong downpour of rain, strong wind gusts, and numerous close cloud-to-ground lightning strikes for nearly an hour-and-a-half until the line of storms finally cleared the Corpus Christi metro area and headed eastward into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Later that morning, the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi conducted a survey confirming an EF0 tornado in eastern Beeville, TX that occurred around 7:24 AM (around the 4:04 mark), causing moderate damage to multiple hangars, RVs , & mobile homes at Chase Field.

Tweet from NWS Corpus Christi showing satellite imagery of the developing squall line in Coahuila, Mexico:

NWS SPC considering the issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch:

NWS SPC issuing the Severe Thunderstorm Watch:

Radar loop showing the squall line nearing the Coastal Bend:

Radar loop showing squall line entering the Coastal Bend:

Radar loop showing squall line impacting the Corpus Christi metro area:

Tornado Warning issued for Beeville, TX:

Tweet from NWS Corpus Christi about the EF0 tornado that impacted Chase Field in Beeville, TX:

Photo of the damage at Chase Field in Beeville, TX:

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