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The Palms Nursing & Rehabilitation, L.P. Corpus Christi, TX
At The Palms Nursing & Rehabilitation, L.P. Corpus Christi, TX we offer four kinds of services:

· Transitional Care – a short term recovery stay to get you back home safely
· Our Long Term Care — for maximum independence and quality of life
· Respite Care — a short term stay when a full time care taker cannot be available
· Our Memory Unit — quality care for those with memory impairments

Our Safe Transition Home Program

When you are faced with a hospitalization due to an injury, illness or a surgery, all you can think about is getting better and returning home. Here at The Palms Nursing & Rehabilitation, L.P. Corpus Christi, TX we offer all the advanced, post hospital services that you will need to make this possible. We are different because you will be directly involved in the development of your individual Safe Transition Home Program as our team of experts provide the guidance, support, and all the treatment options you will need to be successful. The qualified professionals on your care plan team include: your physicians and/or nurse practitioner, registered and licensed vocational nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapist, (and if needed speech therapist), a dietician, dietary staff, social worker, certified nurse’s aides, recreation staff, consulting pharmacist, and other supportive staff members.
To Begin Your Safe Transition Home Program

Call us today and we will work with your Physician and the Hospital Discharge Planners/Case Manager or other care providers to arrange your care coordination transition and prepare for your arrival. We will meet with you and your family and answer all your questions and help you through this difficult time. Your physician will provide all the initial instructions for your care and then we meet to set your specific Transitional Care goals and establish your individual care plan. Once the plan is established, we both get to work. You will have a far better chance to recover if you are fully informed of your care options and sign off on your own recovery plan.
Your Safe Transition Plan Back Home

When the time comes to go home, we help you arrange a gentle step back home. We will help you organize the support services needed such as Home Care, Equipment, Outpatient or Home Therapy, Technical Safety Options, and Physician follow-up to assure a safe and successful transition back home. It is our goal to provide the support and education you need to assure you do not require re-admission to the hospital.
Our Transitional Care Program works with the following needs:

· Surgery Recovery
· Joint/Hip replacement or other orthopedic injuries
· Stroke and neurological conditions
· Cardiac related illnesses
· Pulmonary related illnesses
· Diabetes management
· Wound care
· Oncology Recovery / Strengthening
· Other conditions that have required hospitalization
Our Long Term Care

Here at The Palms Nursing & Rehabilitation, L.P. Corpus Christi, TX we also offer long term skilled nursing for those who cannot return to a lesser level of care and need the full, 24 hour support to maintain an optimal level of independence and quality of life. Our long term program continues to put our residents; and/or family members in the center of their care plan; but the goals are designed to improve quality of life while managing the various conditions and diseases that are present. To do this, we have a full program that includes:

· Private or semi-private rooms
· 24 hour skilled nursing services
· 3 delicious meals a day plus snacks according to your specific dietary plan
· Full service housekeeping; laundry; and maintenance
· Social services
· An ongoing activity program with variety and items of special interest
· Therapeutic visits and outings
· Family nights and a resident and family council
· Ongoing care plan meetings for each resident and/or their families

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