If you’ve visited a Hooters at any point in your life, you’re probably already pretty familiar with the overall Twin Peaks concept. But behind those cheerful smiles and skimpy uniforms lies something of a dark side. Let’s take a look at the untold truth of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks customers have plenty to look at as they drag another tortilla chip through that crock of queso, and of course, the barely-there uniforms of the servers and hostesses are a big part of the attraction at each restaurant. If the concept doesn’t seem wholly original, there’s a good reason: Twin Peaks co-founder and then-CEO Randy DeWitt wasn’t shy about citing his inspiration for the restaurant, talking about it in a 2014 profile by Bloomberg.

According to the magazine,

“What was salacious three decades ago has now become family-friendly; it’s not unusual to see children at Hooters, doodling in coloring books. And compared with the clothes at some popular teen retailers, Hooters’ white tank tops and orange shorts seem almost demure. Last year, sales at the chain were virtually flat.”

In 2005, DeWitt decided to experiment with a new concept that might recapture some of the original buzz of Hooters, creating what he deemed a “more upscale” version of the bird-themed breastaurant pioneer. DeWitt wanted to offer better food, a full bar, and a trendier, rustic mountain lodge theme, while encouraging waitresses to show more of themselves. He explained, quote, “Hooters just wasn’t racy enough.”

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Waitresses get ranked | 1:15
Accusations of sexual harassment | 2:38
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