Do you know the top 10 untold truths of Whataburger? There is a war going on at it is all about hamburgers. The smoking gun? Many different burgers are battling it out to global domination. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Five Guys, and A&W are just a few of the combatants involved in the burger wars and they don’t seem to be backing down any time soon. Whataburger sounds like a new kid on the block, but is it really? Time to find out. So let’s look at a fast food review of the Top 10 Untold Truths About Whataburger.

Whataburger is an American fast food chain based in San Antonio, Texas, known for it’s distinctly designed A-frame buildings painted with orange and white stripes. Founded in 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton, the vast majority of it’s over 800 locations are still privately held by the Dobson family.

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0:37 Whataburger Is Texas’ Best Kept Secret
1:53 Whataburger, Not McDonald’s Invented the Quarter Pounder
2:43 Spoiler Alert: You’ll Need Both Hands to Tackle a Whataburger
3:44 Whataburger Locales Are Masters at Customization
4:33 Two Heads Are Better than One: A Whataburger Story
6:23 How the Great Whataburger Tragedy Unfolds
7:33 A Secret Menu as Secret as the Star Wars Death Star
9:10 A Company Logo as Mysterious as Ancient Aliens
10:44 The Whataburger in Frisco, Texas Was Among the First to Get Upgraded to the New Look
12:24 Whataburger: The Private Company that Can

– Whataburger was born in Texas on August 8, 1950 and has been proclaimed a state treasure. In fact, Whataburger Field is the home of the Corpus Christi Hooks.
– A burger sleuth claims that since 1950, Whataburger has been using quarter-pound beef patties ahead of McDonald’s, which only caught on with the craze in 1971.
– One of the things making the Whataburger unique is that the bun alone is already five inches thick.
– It is said that there are over 36,000 possible combinations to customize the Whataburger.
– Whataburger is the brainchild of Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. Less than a year after the two opened shop in breezy Corpus Christi, Dobson decided to raise the price of Whataburger from 25 to 30 cents a piece.
– Lynne Dobson would take the reins for the burgeoning Texas burger chain after the passing of her husband.
– Part of the Whataburger secret menu is Hulk, an odd drink consisting of a Powerade and Vault soda combo.
– The Whataburger logo is the founder’s tribute to the art of flight, what with the symbol’s flowing lines that seem ready to disappear in midair at any time.
– By 2007, there were already 700 Whataburger establishments spread across ten US states. 
– The Dobson family still owns at least 611 of the 824 Whataburgers in existence. The rest of the ownership is distributed among 25 franchisees.

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