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Greetings Islander community. I am Michelle Singh, your Associate Vice President for Teaching and Learning Technologies here at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

As a member of your academic support network, I am here to share some very timely and important information about the available resources for you as we digitally transform. In an effort to continue to sustain quality courses online, we invite you to participate in some of the resources that we have now made available and enhance in lieu of the events that are occurring.

To start off, our academic digital resource course is available within Blackboard for every faculty. Within the ADRC, you will have a module that is called “anytime anywhere access.” It is equipped with a digital toolkit that is available for you with on-demand training, how-to worksheets, as well as sample modules that you can use to guide your transformation of your content.

To support your transition, we have extended the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies office hours to seven o’clock every evening virtually. During the day, we will have drop by hours and virtual appointments for you to participate in.

Throughout the week, we will be having multiple trainings on Blackboard basics and advanced skills within the Blackboard community. In addition, we have begun to find digital learning experts within your academic college to support you in the process of designing your content. We are identifying faculty that have taught online and have been successful in that environment to help with pedagogical conversations.

We have also assigned an instructional designer and a technology support services person to aid specific academic colleges. You will have your dedicated support as we move through this transition. In addition to that, we will also be having mini grants for course design. If and when you find yourself in a position that you need assistance to transition the majority of your content, we will be having a mini grant open application to assist with this effort.

We are prepared to handle the digital transformation and know we will come together as a community to provide a quality experience our students. For more assistance, please make sure to go to the Island online at or contact the Office of Distance Education and Learning Technologies at [email protected] Together, we will thrive online.

More info on Anytime Anywhere Access

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