– The Kinesiology Program ( at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is setting a new standard of excellence with facilities equipped with leading exercise science research technology that enables students to acquire the skills needed to be successful in today’s modern-technological based competitive world.

Such facilities include the motion laboratory equipped with state of the art Dartfish biomechanical analysis software, Vizual Edge visual analysis and training software, and Digital motion capture.

Another laboratory houses the most advanced body scan equipment of its kind in comparison to models at hospitals. The general electric IKE Deska has the capabilities of measuring bone density as well as multiple forms of body composition and allows students to virtually know what exactly the test subject is made of; making it the only one of its kind in any of the Universities in the state of Texas.

Another laboratory is capable of testing multiple sport science variables such as aerobic capacity, muscle activation, and body lactate formation. Such remarkable equipment can additionally measure things like ventilation per minute, lung capabilities during inhalation and exhalation, directly the number of calories a person uses per minute at various levels of exercise and what these athletes are using for fuels during exercise. Such information is then used to design training variables that help athletes get proper training zones in order to achieve the highest level of performance.

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