A campus resource known for its limitless potential is now home to a flurry of activity in the fight against COVID-19. The I-Create Lab, a hands-on, multipurpose makerspace in the Mary and Jeff Bell Library where users invent, collaborate, design, and create, is utilizing its laser cutting technology to make disposable face shields for health care professionals. The shields, which will be provided by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to Driscoll Children’s Hospital at no cost, are in high demand around the country and are unavailable or available in low numbers from traditional suppliers. Read more here: https://tamucc.edu/news/2020/04/041020-icreate-donates-face-shields-to-driscoll-hospital.html#.XpYX1chKiM8

David Jones: So today we’re making face shields to distribute to the local hospitals to provide some additional protection since the supplies are low nationwide. We’re using the equipment we have on hand to supplement those. We’re creating frames, headbands out of acrylic, and then we’re making the face shield portion itself out of Mylar.

Sylvia Sanchez: And then we’re going to package them all together and they’re going to have the frame plus additional nylon sheets so that they can switch them out, dispose of them in between patients.

President Kelly Miller: So this came about when a student reached out to us. She’s in our DNP program, our doctorate of nursing practice, and she let us know there was a need. As you know, faculty and staff on this campus jump in whenever they can to help. We realized that we can take this Maker Space and get the materials and start printing shields to help in this pandemic. Today is a specific opportunity for us to give back to those frontline workers, many of whom are our graduates, our alumns, and this is a way to help protect them. The protocol is if you are three feet away from someone, you need both a mask and a shield, and we’re happy to help provide any extra support and protection we can to those folks.

Eric Hamon: Right now, there is a definitely a supply and demand issue with these materials.

There is such a high demand for these products right now, so sometimes it’s difficult to get these materials and it’s also difficult to get the masks right now, and so what A&M-Corpus Christi is doing for us is incredible.

Jones: I think we all want to do something for this, and most of us are, like I was before, sitting at home, wishing we could do something, then the opportunity came to do something that really can make a difference.

Sanchez: With everything that is going on, you want to do your part, you want to help, and this feels great.

Hamon: I really appreciate the leadership of Kelly (Miller) giving us these masks. It’s a high demand and we appreciate everything everyone is doing for us.

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