Are you thinking about visiting Austin and want to know what there is to do? If so this video is for you! Our time in Austin is coming to an end and we thought we should put together a video that categorizes what makes Austin so unique. Hopefully this video encourages you to come check out this great city as well as gives you ideas of what to do while you are here.

This video is broken down into five main categories: Food, Music, nightlife, outdoors, and history.

Food: Austin is a city that offers every type of food. When you visit you will be able to find any type of food that you are looking for. While you are in Austin, make sure to eat at a food truck and check out some BBQ. In the video we check out Micklethwait and Franklins bbq .

Music: Austin is known as the live music capitol of the world. Some popular names that started in Austin are Ghostland Observatory, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many more. If you like music, Austin is the place you want to visit to get your fix.

Austin Music Calendar:

Nightlife: Austin has more bars per person than any other city in the united states. As a result you can find any type or style of bar you could imagine. In the video, we discuss the four main districts (2018). East sixth, Dirty Sixth, West Sixth, and Rainey street.

Outdoors: Austin is an easy city to be active in. There are many parks, rivers, and lakes to explore. A few of our favorite places are lady bird lake, Barton spring pool, the green belt, lake Travis, lake Austin, and the hope graffiti wall. The new location for the hope graffiti wall is supposed to be at: 9507 Sherman Rd. It is supposed to open at the end of 2018, but double check before heading there to make sure it actually exists!

History: Austin is full of rich history. If you visit we recommend visiting the bullock museum and the Texas state capitol.

Texas state Capitol tour times:

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