Short film about my drive to Corpus Christi for my birthday! Hope you enjoy it!

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  • Corpus Christi Vacations: 2021 Vacation Packages & Deals ...

    Corpus Christi Vacations . Welcome to Corpus Christi, a Texas gem and true beach town. Known as the Sparkling City by the Sea, Corpus Christi boasts ample outdoor recreation, lots of historical sights, and a happening dining and nightlife scene.

  • Corpus Christi, TX | The Daytripper

    While not technically on the coast, Corpus Christi offers one the best beach vibes in Texas, as visitors play in and beside the blue waters of Corpus Christi Bay. There are tons of things to do in town, both ON and OFF, the beaten tourist path. If you want museums, Corpus has them. Start by lea

  • Road Trip to Corpus Christi : Corpus Christi Texas

    Highway 358 leads you right through the middle of the city and out to the Gulf Beaches. Pro Tip: Locals call it “S-P-I-D.” Interstate 37 ends right in the middle of Downtown Corpus Christi and Highway 286, called “Crosstown” by the locals, connects Highway 358 and Interstate 37. 3. There is also the scenic drive option along Ocean Drive from Downtown Corpus Christi to the Island. The nine-mile stretch of road offers the best views of the Corpus Christi Bay and features walking trails ...

  • Road Trip to Corpus Christi – Kirk From Texas

    Thought it might be fun to go on a road trip with the Tesla so I woke up early and hit the road. Destination Corpus Christi! Stopped in Three Rivers for a charging session at the superchargers at the Love’s gas station there.

  • Go Road Trip : Corpus Christi Texas

    The road trip to Corpus Christi is shorter than you think. Make memories with your friends and family along the way. Once you get here, there are tons of things to do. Hit the miles and miles of beaches, make a stop at any one of our awesome attractions, check out some live music, or eat all the delicious food!

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